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Daisy symbolizes innocence, purity, simplicity or dissembling as in Shakespeare's Hamlet. Similarly a Lotus stands for purity, chastity and eloquence. In Hindu mythology, Goddesses Lakshmi sits on a lotus while she meditates symbolizing wisdom and purity of mind.  For the romantics the flower Jasmine stands for their unconditional and eternal love. The flower daffodil symbolizes faith, forgiveness and honesty. It has been a source of inspiration for many a poets.

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Flowers can give trust. If your friend is in a very tense dot, flowers are the finest mode to promise her that the whole thing will be okay. Colorful Gerbera can easily bring smile on faces. Gerberas, one of the most multicolored flowers, have the benefit of being kept in a pot for a extensive time. They don't dry up away simply. Having prettiness of their own, gerberas only attract. The daisy could mean a number of effects counting purity, clarity, trust, cheerfulness or faithful love.