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Human emotions and sentiments are beyond quantification! The expression of one’s true feeling is often replaced by gestures or objects that sparks a glow in the receiver’s eyes. Psychologically the sense of attraction is stimulated and the receiver is appeased by the gesture or their priceless possession.
The Pink Flower symbolizes the love of a mother and is worn during Mother’s Day and is also an emblem of parental love in several countries.

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The pink color represents roughly the similar connotation of the red but with minor differences. Think of the red as the untamed shade for relationships and the pink as the calm one. It represents: romance, innocent love, pleasure, delicate, joy and adolescence. Pink: Pink is a spongy color filled with its own meanings of youthfulness, joy, propriety, innocence, sugariness, appreciation, elegance, perfect happiness, and respect. Admiration, gratitude and admiration. This is a magnificent rose color to present when the association has enthused into the fun and flirty stage. This love sign is sweet and playful, just like that particular human being in your life.