The aromatic essence of flowers in the wedding event with the proper floral arrangement actually adds golden feather to the hat. Gone are the days when roses, Lillie’s and lotus were the only option left for the wedding but now there are many alternatives right from the exotic to the tropical flowers

Indian wedding needs lots of flowers for bridal hair style, garland for the couples, wedding bouquet, wedding cake flower, centrepiece floral, fresh garlands lynching from the ceiling, draped around the pillars of the stage (Mandapam), etc.

Make the guest enjoy the aroma of flower by spreading rose petals on each and every table also placing a small bunch of fresh flowers on every corner. Since with the wide range of flowers in hand sometimes it becomes extremely difficult to make a choice of which flower to wear. Below we have mentioned few tips which will help you in getting the best flower decoration for Indian weddings.

Choose flower according to Season

What flower to use for the wedding actually depends on which season your wedding falls in?

If its summer season it would be most preferable to use some light shades like white, purple, pink, pale yellow flowers like Lavender, white and yellow roses to give an eye soothing effect.

Winter Wedding would require some dark shades to cheer the chill of winter.

Mandapam flowers

It’s the place where the actual wedding takes place so it needs to be made magnificent to highlight the event. It’s obvious to use red, golden, white and silver colour flowers on the Mandapam to look spectacular.

Garland flowers

To tie knots the couples have to put garland on each other and so undoubtedly it has to be marvellously made with accessories like gems, coloured ribbons, net and a wide range of flowers. Red roses are most commonly used along with other to exhibit love.

Blessing ceremony flowers

The best moment of the wedding is the time of putting flower life on the bride and bridegroom to bless them with happy married. Red or pink roses, Marygold, orchids would be the best for such event.

Flowers for newly wed’s Car decoration

It’s the car in which the Couples will sit and wave their hands to their relatives and family members to bid bye and to start their wedded life so it has to be decorated with flowers like heaven.

These are some of the best usual and common ways of wedding decoration with flowers, however no one is restricted to try out something so go ahead with some unusual way of flower decoration and make your wedding most remarkable one.

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