Take care of your Lilies

Usually, lilies bloom in summer or you can say in late spring. They grow from the bulbs that are deep rooted; few of them are near the surface. These bulbs are also known as corm.  Lilies from diverse places are used for various purposes. Few bulbs of lilies are edible and useful in heart diseases. Cultivation of lilies is possible in container and outdoor. You would have to take care of soil in terms of water drainage.  And, the place should be partial sheltered from the sunlight. It is essential to plant the lilies in the bulbs as soon as they are purchased so as not let them become dry. For long lasting life of bulbs, it is necessary to prepare good base or bed for the lilies.

Not daily, but watering the lilies till it reach the bulb is vital. On their growing period, stable use of fertilizers would help. Use of fertilizers that are high in nitrogen can damage the plant. Remember to remove seedpods on their existence. Remove blossoms on their fading, this would save energy of plant and lilies would keep blooming. Lilies can increase gorgeousness of your garden. Just give them what they want in means of sunlight, water and proper base, and feed them with proper amount of water and fertilizers.

Lilies are useful

Other than decoration lilies are used for medicinal purpose. Not only as a gift, but lilies are positive for human being for various other reasons too. Before you undergo treatment for your skin, use oil of lilies. It has smoothing and healing characteristics.  Calendula oil containing fragrance of lily is harmless for sensitive skin. Oil of lily is used in the bath or for massage after a bath. It maintains moisture of face in dry season. It is also an element of hot oils that are used for massage. Few species are eatable and are the component of medicines formed for chest diseases.

How to find fresh Lilies

Lilies mainly used in bouquet, flower baskets, flower bed and interior decoration. You may wonder how to find the lilies for gift to your near and dear ones. You may go personally to your nearer florist and choose the fresh one. Unlike other flowers, lilies long last for 7 to 10 days, So that you can plan the event in advance. Attractiveness of decoration with lilies would long last due to its freshness. If you have to send flowers to your distant friends or relatives, you can shop online and send them on the event date itself. If you have function at your place, there are some florists who take contract for the decoration and use the flowers as per your taste and demand. Lilies make your function memorable. They add to the excitement of the occasion and make the place remarkable.

To conclude with; no florists can achieve satisfaction in decoration without including Lilies in it. Lilies would make your gift and a function outstanding in terms of beauty.

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