Retirement Parties- Hosting the festivities of farewell

Bidding farewell to your career or familiar place of service can be sordid, but it is also the harbinger of a new chapter in life. As someone who had an illustrious run of career spanning few seasons to maybe decades; wishing goodbye to the camaraderie of colleagues, critics, managers through all the cherished years and the routine of consummate career, is uneasy to tackle for the retiree. To commemorate all the best moments, achievements, aspirations, bonding in the official tenure of the retiree; family, friends, teammates, well-wishers celebrate this milestone to usher all the best in the times to come. Retirement parties create astonishing memories of  the retiree’s special day by exhibiting the perfect ensemble of his favourites-closest and dearest friends, most preferred dishes, pick-me-up games, adorable flower decorations, choicest music tracks that would make him proud “he is not all lost” but as honoured as in his  days of commitment and hard work.

Time Immemorial

For the perfect retirement party, the mood has got to be right and delectable savouries served to have people talking about the next day. Start by planning the farewell get-together in a garden or an open area like the verandah or terrace – that way the cool weather can be taken advantage of and there can be ready entertainment with a fireworks show, titillating music to get everyone grooving, poems and good quotes resounding in the background to spark inspiration to greater heights even after the hectic heyday is past. Let the retiree shed the toils and weariness of workplace jargon for a smooth sail of freedom towards life’s other side.

When it comes to food, you can never go wrong with paneer tikkas and vegetarian canapés with a twist – flat puris or crackers work well with different toppings and are easy to pass on. For non-vegetarians, go with cocktail chicken koftas and meat samosas. Have a fragrant pulao with raita, chutney and papad, and let guests wash all that down with frizzy jal jeeras. Organize cosy “taash” and candle party flavours to make your retirement party come of age. Does the retirement party always have to be a full-fledged blast? No, but it is nevertheless the celebration of the joy of being retired.

Hall of Fame Retrospective

No retirement party is complete without meaningful reflection on the guest of honour’s career, success stories, snippets from past get-togethers or office archives, as a means to celebrate the retiree’s unique contribution to his organization and the unforgettable thought leadership that made all those years of service special in the company’s league. Each person should stand up and share the favourite story that reiterates the retiree’s memorable qualities. A “memento gift” is a sentimental recognition of the retiree’s legacy in the success story of the organization. Wrap it up gorgeously with amazing flowers and bows of his liking, and hand it sincerely after the retirement speeches and toasts has touched everyone’s heart. Let both testimonials and humour reign the tribute, amongst thunderous applause.

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