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The aromatic essence of flowers in the wedding event with the proper floral arrangement actually adds golden feather to the hat. Gone are the days when roses, Lillie’s and lotus were the only option left for the wedding but now there are many alternatives right from the exotic to the tropical flowers Read More →

Wedding is one of the most important events in any person’s life. Hence, almost everyone looks forward to making the occasion a grand one. Indian wedding decorations are always full of colors.

Flowers add to the grandeur of weddings. We can use flowers in a creative way to enhance the splendor of our marriage event. Flowers can be used in many different ways. The good news is that, we really do not need to spend a lot of money on the sourcing of flowers. All that is needed is just a few creative ideas. Simple seasonal flowers can be used as well to decorate the venue in a grand way. These days, people are using innovative decors instead of traditional ones. Along with flowers people have started using crystal beads, exceptional vases, twigs, candles, and other such objects. Read More →