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Evolution of floral arrangements,

Floral arrangement is an ancient art of arranging flowers and plant parts based on material, color, form.

  1. Oriental flower arrangement: These are simple flower arrangements emphasizing on lines as an essential element and focusing on the natural beauty of flowers. This ancient style of floral arrangements from east introduced by Chinese Buddhist Monks which was further developed by Japanese to a floral art called Ikebana.
  2. Traditional flower arrangement: These arrangements originated from the west, before 20th century gave emphasis to mass of flowers in the floral arrangement.
  3. Contemporary /Modern flower arrangement: Contemporary flower arrangement doesn’t confine to rules of the west or east and is a free spirited flower arrangement method which is completely dependent on the aesthetic sense of the florist.


Enhancing the exquisiteness:

There are different styles of floral arrangements which can bring liveliness to flowers in unison. .

  • Horizontal arrangement: This symmetric flat floral arrangement is used to decorate rectangular table.
  • Vertical arrangement:  This asymmetric tall arrangement with less width is used mainly for floral Basket.
  • Triangular Arrangement: This is a linear arrangement of flowers where triangular lines are created by erecting the flowers and rest of flowers are arranged to create a masterpiece
  • Circular Arrangement: Flowers are arranged in round shape for decorating round tables.
  • Fan arrangement:  Long stemmed flowers are used to make fan floral arrangement which are mainly used in discussion tables.