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Birthday Parties – A Pinch to grow an inch

Preparations to be made beforehand

For the birthday celebrations, a list of guests that are to be invited is made and a formal invitation is given to all the guests, friends and family members regarding the birthday party by informing them the time and venue of the birthday party. A birthday cake is ordered along with the list of other food items that are to be served at the party. Sometimes, if the party is a small one with only a few guests, arrangements of cake and food items can be done at the home itself along with the decoration things.

On the day of the party

On the day of the birthday party, before the celebrations begin, the hosts do everything to make the party enjoyable both for the guests and the person whose birthday is being celebrated. The party hall or lawn is decorated all over to look like that a birthday party has to be celebrated. Sometimes, the arrangements of decorating the venue are done as per a particular theme as decided by the hosts. The themes can be of fairy tale, or jungle theme or theme of flowers all over. Overall the decoration includes lots of flowers, balloons, ribbons and a birthday card wishing the birthday boy or girl a very happy and long life ahead.

The cake

Almost all birthday parties have some kind of cake for the guests to feast on, after they sing a full round of “Happy Birthday to you" and blowing out of the candles. One should not forget to count the number of guests invited to the party so that the size of the cake can be estimated approximately beforehand. A little bit of cake to spare will not be a problem but not having sufficient cake will be bad and embarrassing.

Before cutting the birthday cake, a number of candles representing the age of the birthday boy or girl are put on the cake. All the candles lest one is then blown off by the honored person after a “birthday wish” and a birthday song like "Happy Birthday to You" or some other dedicated birthday song like “Baar Baar Din Ye Aaye” are sung by the guests. The birthday boy or girl will then have the first piece of the cake which he or she can share with his or her parents and close friends. After this, the birthday cake is then cut into pieces and distributed among the guests.

Fun and recreational activities

A birthday party remains incomplete without some fun activities like dancing, gaming or any other sort of activity. The fun activities can take any form according to the number of invitees. It may be a dinner while watching one of the favourite movies with the guests comprising only a few friends. It may also take the shape of a big welcome and dance competition or any other type of group activity like playing the “Antakshari” where the guests are divided into two or more groups and are required to sing a song on their turn, or “Drum sheds” where a participant from each group has to enact to tell a name of a movie and a person from the other group has to guess the name of a movie.

Appetizers and the dinner

Last but not the least, food items that are served is the life of any birthday party. For keeping the guests fully energized for the activities to be held in birthday party, yummy and mouth watering dishes must be served. There should not be any item in the list which you feel will not be liked by the guests. The menu of the party must be decided such that it caters to the taste buds of all the people present in the party. The types of dishes that are to be served at the party must be according to the theme. For some, it may be a lavish dinner party, for others comprise only of snacks. The menu of the party may also depend upon the size of gathering in the party. For a smaller gathering, a small dinner will do which can either be prepared at home or ordered from outside. But, for a large party, buffet style meals can be served.

One should also keep a watch on the cleanliness of the area where food is to be prepared and served. Everything should be kept in a well organized manner.